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VOA Special English Player

开发 Daily Listening

如果您想學習標准的美國英語,美國之音特别英語也許是一個很好的選擇。作爲RSS閱讀工具,本軟件提供每天最新的VOA新聞,以及大致的語音文字同步功能。在您沒有聽懂的時候,可以單擊暫停鍵後,閱讀同步表示的文字新聞。主要功能:* 在收聽VOA特别英語的同時,閱讀同步的文字新聞* 同步表示英語文字的中日韓翻譯* 根據標准英語的速度,自動調整文字新聞表示* 彩色顯示主持人的名字和對話錄音文字* 自動下載當前的mp文件,以及對應的文字新聞* WiFi環境下的全部下載功能* 支持橫屏模式的顯示 * WiFi環境下支持category更新後的全部下載* 支持多曲的順序播放和重複播放* 支持後台播放功能 * 表示未讀項目數,總項目數
來自用戶的評論:1.美國的英語教師 I teach English as a Second Language and I think this is a great little app for my students to download news that they can read offline while also listening to the synchronized audio with it. For a one time $2.99 fee they can comfortably bring VOA news (for free) with them wherever they go. Developer seems open to feedback and suggestions for future releases :)
2.香港的用戶A great apps for anyone who try to learn English as a secondary language. VOA web provides voice and text of the news. This program put them together and allow English learner to listen to the news and read the text at the same time. This is a great way to practice one's English listening skill. More interesting is that the news updated everyday and related to the current affairs hence student will learn the pronounciation of the names of people and places. Highly recommend to anyone who are keen to better their English.
3.台灣的用戶If you want to improve your English ability ,especially listening skill, don't miss this one. Download it today and listen to VOA episodes anytime anywhere everyday!