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VOA Special English Player

Разработчик Daily Listening

For VOA Special English listener, VOA Special English Player is a great RSS client for mobile that provide a convenient way to learn English from VOA web site, include RSS categories:1. Special English2. U.S.A3. World4. U.S. History5. American Life6. People7. Places8. Literature9. Arts and Entertainment10. Health11. Education12. Business13. Agriculture14. Economy15. Science and Technology16. Foreign Student SeriesFEATURES* Listen to VOA episode while reading the transcript.* High-light conversation sentences in the transcript.* Translate news to your language.* Download transcript and mp3 into device for offline listening and reading.* Automatic play the next news.* Support replay mode on all news item.* Support landscape mode.* Support background playback.* Display all items count and unread items count for every feed.